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5 Reasons Why People Hurt Themselves With Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is having its moment. According to Google Trends, which tracks the amount of people are looking for a specific keyword, “hot sauce” has risen steadily since 2004.
Why do so many like hot sauce to begin with? It turns out, those have really various reasons. Here are some factors why you enjoy pepper sauce!

You’re A Thrill Seeker

Remarkably, there have been many researches about why people like chili sauce! A study in the 1980s by University of Pennsylvania discovered a correlation between taking pleasure in rollercoasters and enjoying spicy food.

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In the 1982 study, they call taking pleasure in hot food “benign masochism.” After all, consuming hot food actually tricks your mind right into assuming you’re in discomfort. It also mentions that people are the only known animals that eat spicy food since for the taste.

Humans are the only animals who, as far as we understand, put ourselves in various other safe-but-scary-or-painful scenarios. Consider rollercoasters, horror films, haunted houses, and skydiving. These are means some individuals get an excitement with relatively little threat to actually being hurt.

Psychologists call this excitement looking for “Sensation Seeking.” A 2013 research similarly located a favorable connection among those that take pleasure in hot food like hot sauce and higher “Feeling Seeking” characteristics.

You Have A High Level Of Sensitivity To Rewards

According to the National Institutes of Health And Wellness study found a connection to liking hot food as a “Sensitivity to Reward”. Level of sensitivity to award describes to which an individual’s behavior is motivated by reward-relevant stimulations. Simply, you’re more motivated by benefits than anxiety of punishment.

So, what does this have to do with hot sauce? As we’ve discussed why you could be craving hot pepper sauce, when you eat something spicy, your body really thinks you’re in discomfort. As a result, your mind floods with endorphins, which offers you rewards.

Those that are more conscious could see spicy food and avoid it because they recognize it’ll injure in the short-term. Those with high level of sensitivity to rewards may be ready to look past the discomfort for the endorphin rush.

You Intend To Show Your Manliness (Or You’re Super Competitive)

hot sauce eating contest

Returning to that 2013 research study one last time, the researchers saw an interesting divide in why women and also guys go for pepper sauce. As it ends up, their motivations might not be the same.

According to the study, ladies appeared most likely to delight in hot sauce for the burn as well as the endorphins. Men were more likely to see hot sauce as a challenge. It’s possible that the culture of eating spicy foods has produced a social reward for males.

We generally don’t make hot sauce with the objective of helping you show your bravado. However there are a lot of hot sauces around that’ll have you begging for mercy. Nevertheless, isn’t that type of the factor of the program Hot Ones?

You Have Been Exposed To Hot Sauce Many Years

kids eating buffalo hot sauce

A great deal of people like spicy food due to the fact that they have actually been consuming it for a long time.

You may have grown up with family members or in a culture that likes to add hot sauce. If so, chances are you’re going to appreciate that well into adulthood. You could find that all food is dull without a little heat. Or you could rely on hot sauce when you want a little more comfort with your meal.

Yet you do not have to be subjected to spicy food from the womb to appreciate it later on in life. Any kind of exposure to hot sauce could at some point bring about a life-long love of heat. Whether that exposure began with childhood years or through a close friend in your 30’s.

You Love A Very Easy Way To Add Flavour With Hot Sauce

At Need the Heat, we enjoy that rush. But greater than anything, we like flavour. We have actually constantly seen hot sauce as something that need to add taste to your food, not cover taste. And our fans seem to concur.

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