How Spicy Are Your Products?

bottles with fruit

We haven’t had our products officially tested for their Scoville Rating (SHU) … yet.

Our sauces (Pine in My ArseThat’ll Peach YaMango Unchained) are all relatively the same; we say roughly 6/10 for heat.

Cranky Cranberry (habanero cranberry sauce) is about 4/10.

Candied Menace (candied jalapenos) is our mildest product (and most popular); we rate them about 2/10.

Where Can I Buy Your Spicy Products?

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You can find all of our products (and gift cards) using our online shop. We also have a store at The 400 Market in Innisfil and are there year-round on weekends.

We are also available at a number of retailers in York Region and Simcoe County:

Market Brewing
The Samosa Master
Yours Conveniently
The Maids Cottage
TJ’s Treasures
The Makers Mark

What Peppers Do You Use For The Heat?

hot peppers for sauce

Our Candied Menace uses the versatile and popular jalapeno pepper (2,500 to 8,000 SHU). The jalapenos give a spicy zest to the brine that we cook them in.

Our sauces use (our favourite) habanero pepper (100,000 – 350,000 SHU) They are fruity and colourful with the kick that gives the sauces their beautiful heat!

Why Do You Use Fruits As A Base?

fruit salad

Fruit sauces trace their roots back to the Caribbean origins of hot sauce, where there was plentiful tropical fruit like pineapple. Peaches and mangoes also have a great Caribbean vibe.

The acidity and sweetness of the fruit can be a great pairing to tropical habaneros or scotch bonnets.

I like fruity sauces for grilling with, so the grill’s high heat can caramelize the fruit sugars and give a great texture, too.

Things To Do With Need The Heat Sauces We Probably Haven’t Thought Of?

Dale's Tequila Caesar

Definitely spicy cocktails—a bit obvious by now.

I like to use the brine from Candied Menace as a salad dressing.

And Cranky Cranny with your charcuterie board brings an unexpected but welcome zing.

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