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Kickass Candied Jalapenos | Candied Menace


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These candied jalapenos are AMAZING with burgers, eggs, charcuterie boards (on brie cheese). They have quickly become a fan favourite, it’s hard to keep them on hand!


Jalapenos, Apple Cider Vinegar, White Sugar, Spices

A Sweet and Spicy Twist on a Classic Favorite!

Candied jalapeños complement dishes where a sweet and spicy flavour smack can take them over the top. Their acidity cuts through creamy spreads like brie and cream cheese, giving way to their spicy sweetness. Upgrade a cheeseburger with a devilish punch, or swap the pickled jalapeños for these candied peppers on your charcuterie board. – (500 ml) – Meticulously made in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Perfect for desserts or snacking (yes, people do this!), nice and sweet with a touch of heat. They're a great blend of sweetness and spice. Sliced jalapenos blanched in a seasoned syrup are perfect for garnishing cocktails, topping cornbread or cookies, or ramping up your guacamole.

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500ml, 750ml

1 review for Kickass Candied Jalapenos | Candied Menace

  1. Amanda Jones

    Absolutely terrific. Recommend adding onto a cheese pizza and folding it up. Love it

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