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Kickass Candied Jalapenos | Candied Menace


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These candied jalapenos are AMAZING with burgers, eggs, charcuterie boards (on brie cheese). They have quickly become a fan favourite, it’s hard to keep them on hand!


Jalapenos, Apple Cider Vinegar, White Sugar, Spices

A Sweet and Spicy Twist on a Classic Favorite!

Candied jalapeños complement dishes where a sweet and spicy flavour smack can take them over the top. Their acidity cuts through creamy spreads like brie and cream cheese, giving way to their spicy sweetness. Upgrade a cheeseburger with a devilish punch, or swap the pickled jalapeños for these candied peppers on your charcuterie board. – (500 ml) – Meticulously made in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Perfect for desserts or snacking (yes, people do this!), nice and sweet with a touch of heat. They're a great blend of sweetness and spice. Sliced jalapenos blanched in a seasoned syrup are perfect for garnishing cocktails, topping cornbread or cookies, or ramping up your guacamole.

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500ml, 750ml

4 reviews for Kickass Candied Jalapenos | Candied Menace

  1. Amanda Jones

    Absolutely terrific. Recommend adding onto a cheese pizza and folding it up. Love it

  2. Camille

    Bought a jar in the summer at a plant event and my life was changed forever. My partner and I finished the jar in 4 days. Didn’t think we could get them again but just found their website and see they sell online. Purchasing multiple jars. My chosen stocking stuffer for this holiday season!

  3. Liron Deline (verified owner)

    My husband and I absolutely LOVE these candied jalapenos! Perfectly sweet with just right balance of heat. Tacos are one of my hubby’s favourite meals, and he can’t have them now without these. Need The Heat jalapenos changed his culinary life forever!! Will be ordering regularly from now on! <3

  4. Tommy

    Candied Jalapenos make my mouth water just thinking about it amazing product also thatll peach yah hot sauce is delicious!

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