habanero poppers

Legendary Habanero Poppers – Off Limits 100% Spicy Recipe

If jalapenos have constantly been a little tame for you, it’s time you tried a new pepper in your popper. Habanero poppers stuffed with cheddar, cream cheese, and bacon bits have some major kick.

Ok, so some MANIAC put out the idea of swapping out the classic but measly jalapeno for a habanero in their popper recipe.

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Now you can feel the extreme sizzling pleasure of pepper in which not many people can partake! I don’t recommend these habanero poppers for those weak in the ‘constitution’…haha!  

Even I had to beg for a taste tester to ensure they were, um, palatable. The feedback was “OMG so freaking good!”. So, I had to give one a try – and surprisingly, the frying process removed quite a bit of their heat, but they were still super hot! It did help to have that cheesy cream cheese filling ooze out and cool things off…a tiny bit!

Habanero Popper Recipe

Check it out below!

[ux_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHLdjNkNMHY”]

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