Bhut Jolkia Ghost Pepper

4 Accurate Facts to Know About Ghost Pepper Sauce

If you’re playing with a rattlesnake, be prepared for a bite!

That’s the best recommendation I can offer you if you want to begin messing around with Ghost Pepper Sauce.

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Ghost peppers are scary, not in an amusing Halloween outfit kind of way.

Ghost peppers are frightening in a melt your mouth, make you sick, you’ll examine your life options, sort of way!

You see, ghost peppers are some of the most unique peppers on the face of the earth.


Ghost peppers are additionally called the bhut jolokia chili pepper.

They. Are. Warm.

To prove the point, just google “ghost pepper tasting” and you’ll spend the next hour watching face melting videos! Truthfully, these videos are why I choose hot sauces for taste, not simply heat. I do not want my mouth to turn into a bucket of fire, I just want my food to taste much better! Yet hey, if you’re into eating liquified lava, these peppers are an excellent area to start with.

Tips For Making Ghost Pepper Sauce.

Let’s start with a warning. I imply really, truly, really, please do not undervalue exactly how hot is HOT.

You’ve been warned.

First Tip

Take care when prepping the peppers, put on rubber gloves if you plan on using the washroom within the next few days.

Now one website recommended a mask, safety glasses, and also long sleeves, that’s a little much, yet if you’re delicate, take safety measures. In fact, if you’re sensitive to peppers, why are you messing with ghosts? You may wish to reassess your life decisions!

Now a Second Ghost Pepper Sauce Tip

Know just how to cool the heat from warm peppers The best choice – MILK! If your mouth is aflame, swish and spew a mouthful (or two, or three) of milk. The fat in the milk will assist soothe the pain. So don’t use skim milk for this, whole milk is best.

I’ve additionally read that gelato is an excellent soothing agent also, however I’ve never attempted it.

Below is a third pointer for making Ghost Pepper Sauce

When making a sauce from the ghost pepper, start tiny.


If the recipe calls for 1 pepper, you may take into consideration starting with a half of a pepper. Not to mention on your 2nd batch, you can add even more heat. By the same token, you can constantly make even more sauce if you like it hotter!

My Last Pointer for Ghost Pepper Sauce – Store it Right.

Ghost Pepper Sauce is just one of those foods where a little goes a long way. So, if you make a batch, don’t allow it go to waste. And I’m not a food storage specialist, yet if you want to keep your hot sauce longer than a couple of days, do your homework.

What I found online was most individuals add extra vinegar to bring the PH below 4.4.

To save yourself from yourself, we’re creating a ghost pepper sauce in the next few months. Stay tuned!

So, there you have it four ideas to adhere to when playing with ghosts.

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